The Song of the Clyde: Chorály Clyde

Come on the Bully Wee


I sing of a team that fills me with pride, The name of the team is the Bully Wee Clyde, Of all Scottish teams they are dearest tae me, They've won everywhere frae Dumfries tae Dundee, They've beaten the Celtic, The Hibs and the Hearts, The Rangers and Thistle, they've swept frae the park, So come down tae Shawfield/Broadwood*, you'll know I've not lied, When I tell you the greatest of teams is the CLYDE. Chorus Oh The Clyde, The Clyde, the Bully Wee Clyde, The name of them thrills me and fills me with pride, And I'm satisfied what e'er may betide, The greatest of teams is the Bully Wee Clyde. I'll be doon at Shawfield/Broadwood* come hail or come shine, Supporting the team I will always call mine, Whether winning or losing, if up or if down, You'll still hear me shouting all over the town, I'll follow them East and I'll follow them West, Tae the North or the South still its "my teams the best", So come down tae Shawfield/Broadwood* you'll know I've not lied, When I tell you the greatest of teams is the Clyde. Chorus The year we first started, Eighteen Seventy Eight, Little did they know that we'd soon become great, All over the country we'd spread far and wide, The name and the colours o' the Bully Wee Clyde, we've taken some glory, been down and been up, Three times we have taken oor ain Scottish Cup, There's no one can tell what the future will be, But as lang as I live it will be Clyde for me. Brown, Kirk and Hickie, Beaton, Falloon, Weir, Robertson, Noble, Martin, Wallace, Gillies, Was the team that won the cup in 39, And how they did thrill us. Hewkins, Murphy, Haddock, Granville, Anderson, Then there was Davie Laing, Divers, Robertson, Hill, Brown and Ring, And in 55 they did the same. McCulloch, Murphy, Haddock, Walters, Finlay, Clinton, Herd, Currie, Robbie, Ring, With a Coyle goal in 58, Did the very same thing, So Shawfield Park/Broadwood Park* to every Jean and Jock, Extends a welcome that is far and wide, Lets join in the song, Of the Bully Wee Clyde...

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