Queremos la Copa (Libertadores) (Sudamericana): Chorály C.A.B.J.

Canción copera (Libertadores) (Sudamericana)


Y dale dale Boooo, Queremos La Copa, La 12 esta loca quiere un campeonato para festejar, Yo te voy a alentar como todos los años, Pongan huevo Xeneize no pueden perder... (Se Repite...)

The 12 refers to Boca's fans, some of the best in the world. A visit to La Bombonera is a must for anyone who goes to Buenos Aires


And go, go, dale Boooo, We want (the) Copa, The 12 is crazy wants a championship to celebrate, I'll come to sing you on, as every year, Put your balls into it *Xeneize can not lose... (Repeated...) * Local dialect for people who come from La Boca in Buenos Aires

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C.A.B.J. na Spotify

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