Oloi Roufianoi: Chorály ΑΈΚ

ένα άσμα εναντίον Ολυμπιακός


Oooooloi roufiani, Paidia συγκέντρωση ΗΛΕΚΤΡΑ mikr, Oooooloi roufiani, Mikroi megaloi apo paidia, Gemise me oikodomous oliiii i efta, To mouni tis manas sas, Gamn ton Peiraia!

AEK Athens football chant sung when playing against Olympiakos. Tune is Soy de Attaque


All of you are informants, Young and old since you were chlidren, All of gate7 is "filled up" with "builders" builder is the nickname of a spy in gate7) Your mothers pussy, F*ck Piraeus!

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