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Tema donde le dicen a Talleres que cuando los ve sale corriendo y que no llenan la cancha.


Y dale dale Belgrano, A todas puertas voy con vos de la cabeza, Ya no me importa si ganas, Ya no me importa si perdes, Quiero la vuelta, Che Talleres no chamuyes, Ves al Pirata y siempre corres, A tu cancha no la llenas, Vos sos amargo no te paras,

Telling Talleres that when they see them they run and they never fill up their stadium


And come on come on Belgrano, I knock every door with you out of my mind, I don't care if you win anymore, I don't care if you lose anymore, I want to be the champion, Hey Tallers stop taking b*ll s*it, When you see the pirate you always run, You never fill your stadium, You have no balls to stand your ground...

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