Recording Your Team's Chants For

1. What equipment do i need to record chants?

A camera or a phone with a recording function - no fancy stuff needed.

Men recording in the old days

2. What file type should i submit?

Any. We convert all so you can send us wav, aif or mp3s.

3. Do i have to separate the chants before sending?

NO. You can send us files of any length and we will split them up into seperate chants.

Top Tip:

From Aldo, a member who recorded chants for América - Mexico;

"Try not to sing or chant while recording. I figured that one out the hard end up only recording yourself sing over the rest of everyone else, which doesn't sound all that great"


Dom Joly on phone

We master every chant to make them sound EVEN better - ready to go on your FIFA 12, PES or Pro Evo. And to use as ringtones.

Don't forget for every file you send in you contribute to your Golden Voices score as well as pushing your team higher up the Chantion's League table. You can see an explanation of these terms here.

'Ave it!


keep calm and play pro evo









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