Top 5 ways to support your team


Being a football supporter is one of the most agonising, yet wonderful, feelings in life as your favourite team puts you through the wringer in every match. The natural emotions which spring from willing a team to do well and win every game can be overwhelming, with fans joining others across the world in sharing a passion for one club. People are naturally drawn to football through their ancestors who immerse them in the euphoria of watching games on television or in a stadium, although not everyone takes to the sport. Non-football fans often find enjoyment and interest in other sports, such as rugby and basketball, but some can become instantly converted by the high level of drama, tension and excitement that grips everyone to the edge of their seats.

Supporting your team takes numerous levels of dedication and commitment to ensure your loyalty remains with one club. It also requires a level of pride to be side-by-side with their chosen club through thick and thin, particularly when your team are going through a rough spell. Southampton are a prime example of a club who need their fans to remain patient and stick with them following a mass exodus that has seen their relegation odds slashed. The silver lining comes with a considerable transfer budget that Ronald Koeman has at his disposal, with Southampton transfer links growing on a daily basis.

Whether you choose to support your hometown club or follow the glory trail and back a trophy-winning team, there are five steps you can take to transform from an armchair supporter to an avid football fan.


Submit new songs to FanChants

Let fans know new chants as and when they are sung by recording them and then submitting them to FanChants. We'll then master them and publish them to your footie supporting bretheran. You record and submit football songs through the Android or iOS apps, or submit them through the website.


Learn the chants

Going to a stadium is undoubtedly the best way for football fans to immerse themselves in the wonderful atmosphere and euphoria created by several thousand people getting behind their team. Watching football as a purist can allow you to relax in your seat and watch the drama unfold, but one of the best ways of supporting your team is accompany other in chanting. Learning the chants can not only make you feel involved within your surroundings, but also show your passion and backing for your team that provides motivation for the players on the pitch to go on and win the game. Although certain chants are more unsavoury than others, they are part and parcel of every match day atmosphere that gets the adrenaline pumping and allows you to get behind your team.


Buy the official clothing

While it is not a mandatory requirement to be a supporter or enter a stadium, purchasing official clothing from the club store can allow you to firmly nail your colours to the mast. Buying a home or away shirt is a clear indication of the team you support, while other fans may choose to go the full hog and purchase the entire attire which includes shorts and socks. This allows supporters to replicate their favourite player’s moves when playing football in the park and replay famous moments that make being a football fan so special. Buying the official clothing also offers colour and an identity when attending home and away matches, particularly the former where a stadium packed with thousands of loyal supporters can encourage players to perform for the fans.


Place bets

Watching the drama unfold on the football pitch, whether you are sitting in front of a television or in a stadium, can be too much to take as a moment of brilliance or controversy can change the entire complexion of a match. Putting money on your team to win at a bookmakers can show your loyalty, but also create greater anxiety and hope that your team are victorious and do not let you down. Placing bets on Premier League games continues to grow in popularity across football fans who believe they can predict the outcome on a single or multiple numbers of games, with the hope of winning considerable amounts of money.


Watch the games

Certain people may claim to be football supporters by reeling out a number of statistics, latest news stories and transfers that shows a level of interest in the sport. Although keeping tabs on everything football related is admirable, their knowledge may be diluted by the fact they watch very few matches on television or go to a stadium. True football supporters show their loyalty and dedication by watching every game their team is involved in; an economic recession has hampered the opportunity for many fans to attend every home and away game throughout a season, but dedicating yourself to watching live action is the best way to support your team.


* You can always follow the scores live with Live Football Scores if you can't make it to the game!


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