There’s Only One Brand New Website

Just wanted to let you know the new site is live. Get in. Here’s a quick review of the new features on FanChants. Have a play for the full experience. Don’t forget to sign up to receive new chant alerts for your team and free downloads of all football chants and songs.

Free Chants
All football chants are free to download and use on FIFA, PES, phones and computers. Try our football chants and songs iPhone apps too - a brand new version is on it’s way. (See terms for commercial use)  

Thousands more chants
We’re adding thousands of new football songs and chants from over 20 countries and we now have over 500 teams from all over the around the world. Plus we've listed every other team we can think of so you guys can send them in for any team.

Store your favourite football chants in one place, just hit ‘Add Favourite’ and Bob’s your Uncle. Get to your Playlist whenever you want - it’s in the header of each page.

Languages is now in 32 languages - choose any from the top right corner of any page. We’ve translated all non-UK football chants into English - humans have done this, not an automated translation, so you can really understand what they are on about.
The Foul Blog
We now have a blog. We’ll be posting stories about football chants, match day experiences around the world and other stuff we think you’ll like.

Thank You
Our aim is to be a permanent collection of the whit, passion and just damn right awesome-ness of match day. In all countries, for all football teams. We’re the biggest collection of football songs and chants - ever. That’s something mighty fine and we have you to thank for it. You, the real fans, singing the real chants - that’s what FanChants is all about. Always.

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