New! Free FC Team iPhone Apps With All Chants

We've updated all FC team specific apps to include ALL chants for your beloved. The old apps used to have 1 chant only so this is a BIG improvement!

What's New?

- Team apps include ALL chants on for your team that are on the website. 

- New chants sent to you as soon as they're live.

- Daily/ weekly staff picks hilight the best chants from around the world.

- Upgrade for £1.49 to use all chants as ringtones, alarms and go advertisement free.

home page of app from

How do I get this roddin' fantastic app?

- Type your (team's name) Fanchants into iTunes and bob's yer uncle. Eg: Liverpool Fanchants

My team isn't listed?!

We haven't got EVERY team yet so apologies if yours isn't there. Most of the Prem and Championship are covered and one or two more.

BUT you can download the Free Worlwide FC app which includes all chants - over 15,000 - and they're streamed so they won't use up all yer iPhone memory!



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