New Chants and Footy Kits Made From Condoms!

We know, bizzarre or what. But true. This Liverpool fan with his Mr and Mrs Santa were spotted at Condoms and Cabbages - a restaurant in Bangkok which promotes safe sex in Thailand.

Liverpool kit made from condoms

New Chants

Here's a few of the best from recent submissions. Nice one for contributing to the archive and keep em coming. 

IFK Gothenburg - Angels, Angels

Top favourite of FC Towers - nice rythm and you can tell everyone is up for it.

FC Dinamo Bucarest - When Someone Asks

A bit too much of the old tannoy here but gotta respect every team's way. Tannoys are a big deal in alot of countries. One guy stands at the front and dictates to the rest of the fans what they sing.

Tannoys are popular in Italy - below Inter fans at the San Siro, Milan

Fans using tannoys at the San Siro, Milan, Italy

Fenerbahce - Pride Of Fenberbahce

We've had loads of new chant submission for Turkish teams. Thanks fellas. Wanna follow suit? We've got some great tips for recording your team's chants.

Remember you get more golden voice points the more chants you send in. And, you send your team up the Chantion's League table. All terms are explained in this post.

Ferencváros - We're Everywhere

A great example of the Tannoy leading the fans - repeating what the Boss says.

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