Happy New Year! New Ringtones for 2012

Ring ring, ring ring - really?

Gone are the days of the crazy frog ringtone and dull variations on the ring, ring theme, why not use football chants as ringtones. It's simples really, download the football chants you want and stick em on your blower - free, nada, diddly squat. If you don't have 'use as ringtone' on your phone this site should help, it lets you convert MP3s into various formats.

Every phone is different so it's best to check your manual if you're still not sure, or you could ask other fans  on our facebook page

If you've got an iPhone you can uprade our free iPhone app to use all chants as ringtones, different songs for different mates. The comedy awaits...

Man on phone, not happy with his choice of ringtone!

Use your team's anthem or have a bit of fun and choose different chants for different mates. Here's a couple we use to wet your appetite:

Easy easy - for an ex. Ha.

Never seen a salad - chunky mate calling

You've Never Won F*ck All - mate who supports an under par team (mentioning no names)

We all hate Leeds scum - if you're not a Leeds fan.

Enjoy :)

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