World Cup Tour Day 2: Hangovers, footy and a top draw DJ

Friday June 13th

We wake at 7, seriously 7am? WTF! I think excitement has got hold of us; think Christmas Eve and kids aged five and you get the idea. We're nursing hangovers from hell too, so go for a primo breakie around the corner, top coffee and orange juice consumed. £30 though! It’s one of the most expensive areas we are told.

Heading into town we eventually get our comms sorted - thus the late diary entries. We're getting somewhere now. We need to head north, so try and fix up some plane tickets. The plan was to go to Manaus for the England game but its a nightmare journey, we don't have tickets or know what the score is with buying them yet. We decide we'll catch up with England later. Remember we decided to come here on Monday night, so literally no planning, we're making it up as we go. We find out we cant fly to Recife (roughly £200 each, one way) until tomorrow so we find another place to stay on AirBnB.

I forgot to mention that we blocked the toilet at the last place and had an angry Brazilian on our case. Seriously dude, your toilet, our problem? Nothing untoward was put down there apart from my grubby mitts trying to unblock the f*cker, urgh! But the bathroom flooded. Shit happens as they say. So deciding we dont want to be sticking our hands down the bog to try and unblock it again, we think it best not go back there and find something else :) It's also good to see another part of town.

We get a place in another nice part of town. Our host Roberto turns out to be a top fella. He speaks perfect English. His place has been in the family for 45 years and it looks like it’s not been decorated in that time - if you read this Roberto I am sorry, we loved staying there! Who cares, a great price of £50, comfy bed and great hospitality more than make up for any decor b*llocks.

Hangovers from hell and dropping eyelids say we need an early night so we decide to go for one beer and some food locally, then an early night. We should know better.

In the restaurant the Chile v Australia game is on and of course people ask where we are from... footie talk starts us off - again - with more friendships.

Julio, his sister and her husband; a Dutch DJ called Moses (full name Moses Overdoses) become new friends. We end up going back to Moses place and sink half a bottle of rum between us. Great times. Top fellas once more. Julio is a Corinthians fan and fills us in on their history and songs. We show him our app and he goes through all the Corinthians songs giving the story behind them. S*it, they love their footie here, love this place :)

Again we roll out of theirs at around 2am, help me! 

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