#fanchants Of The Week Competition

A new season is upon us and along with the inevitable highs and lows, sackings and signings and weekend drama there's going to be a whole load of new chants to add to the archive. Woohoo!

The #fanchants Chant Of The Week Competition will hi-light the BEST new chant sung each week.

As well as the glory the winner will recieve a Scarf T-shirt, by FanChants, in the team colours of their choice. There's 10 colour combinations to choose from.

FanChants Scarf T-shirts available on Amazon

3 ways to win ... EVERY week!

1. Submit audio chants via FanChants.com

2. Record + send from our free iPhone or Android app

3. Facebook and Twitter - Use the hashtag #fanchants with chant lyrics

 #Fanchants of the week competition

For once, we do have a couple of rules:

No made-up songs - the chant must have been sung at the match.

No solo renditions  - If submitting an audio it must be a recording of a group of fans.

Let's 'ave it!

FanChants Scarf T-shrts



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