Football chants for FIFA 12, PES - Instructions on how to put chants on Xbox and Playstation

FIFA 12 - playersSo With Christmas around the corner we've got stuffing our faces full of mince pies and merriment to look forward to. Awesome.

Some of us like nothing better than a decent game of FIFA or PES to help the Turkey go down. We've got just the ticket to make the game more realistic - free football chants which you can upload to your game to roar out whilst you're playing. You can select when certain chants play and choose different chants for different events within the match.

Use Easy easy when you score a goal, Never seen a salad if your playing a chunky mate or You should have gone christmas shopping to suit the festive season. Rival fuelled anthems are also cool to use when playing your mate- like Spurs go marching down and Why don't you speak English?! or Manchester is full of... to name but a few.

One of our users, Jack, very kindly sent us a video on how to upload chants to FIFA 12 on the Play Station. Thanks Jack, what a legend. The process is the same for Xbox users too! 

Written Instructions:

1. Download the chants to your computer and copy onto a USB stick

2. Plug the USB into your PS3 or Xbox and go to 'Music'

3. Select the triangle over the USB4. Select your chants and click copy, they will now be in your music.

It's handy to create a playlist for your game, so that you can have more than one MP3 file playing in any of the 5 sections where you can upload an MP3

1. Press Create New Playlist and give it a team name, press triangle and select 'edit'

2. Find your chants and drag them into your playlist, once you've added all chants for that specific team you have your playlist!

Now to get them into the game:
Go to My Fifa 11, hit 'My Music and Chants' and select 'Customize Fifa'.3 options:- My FIFA 12: edit menu & favourite team audio)- Virtual Pro: edit virtual pro & pro club audio.- Leagues and teams: edit other leagues & teams audio
Each include events for uploading chants:
When the team comes on, when a goal is scored, when a team's victorious,when a team is losing,Crowd chants (play at any time through normal play)

Thats it really, just go through the events and choose the MP3's/Playlists you want.
Whenever you make a change to a setting, you get the option to apply the selected playlist/single MP3 to the specific event, to all events for that team or to the specific event for all teams in the league. The 'daddy' in terms of customizing is 'Clubs and Leagues' because you can have different playlists/single MP3s assigned to different teams.

If you select the chants for two teams and then play those teams against each other, both sets of chants will play throughout the game, and, depending on who is winning and who is at home, will determine the frequency of each teams chants, like in the real deal, cool eh?  

New Skill Moves for FIFA 12 - if you think you're hard enough!

*Tips when adding chants to FIFA

 Compile a generic playlist of chants for all teams,  apply this to all teams and then assign team specific playlists/single MP3s to specific teams. If you do it the other way around, and set specific teams chants up first and then chants for all teams it will get rid of specific ones, and we don't want that eh.  

Play online and form a club using only your VP, change the chants for your online team the same as with normal teams. Only you will hear them, they don't play to your friends but you could get all your friends to set all the same chants for the online club as you to share the experience, and add to the banter.

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