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festive as fuck
happy xmas
merry fucking xmas
merry kiss my ass
merry xmas you twat
seasons greetings
Silent Night
tis the season
all leeds arent we
Allez allez allez
Can we play you every week
Dirthy northern bastard
Fucking useless
Ginger hair is unacceptable
Going Down
If you can't talk proper
In your northern slums
its all gone quiet over there
its coming home
just cant get enough
Let's Ave It
Never seen a salad
oooh thiago silvaaaa
please dont take me home
que sera sera
ready aye ready
Sacked in the morning
Score in a brothel
shall we sing a song for you
Soft southern bastard
Southgate you're the one
staying up
We all hate Leeds scum
What a waste of money
who are ya
Who ate all the pies?
You don't know what you're doing
You've never won fuck all
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Bellend
How Fucking Old
It's your birthday let's get twatted
Let's all have a disco
Your team is shit
Feliz navidad
Forget Jose
Get Well Soon
Girls Who Love Football
Good Luck
Happy Anniversary
Happy Easter
Happy Fathers Day
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Mothers Day
Happy Valentines
I'm Yours
Love of my Life
Merry Christmas
Sorry You're Leaving
Thank You
The One I Love
Well Done
You Are A Keeper