This Land Is Your Land: Cantos do GCFC

This Celtic ringtone is chorus only. Ed: New better audio added 3/2012)

Letra da música

* Recording starts off quiet but gets going. This land is your land, this land is my land, From the northern highlands to the western islands, From the hills of Kerry to the streets of (Free) Derry, This land was made for you and me. (Chorus) As I was walking by the Shannon water, Hand in hand with my little daughter, The church bells ringing, and the children singing, This land was made for you and me. (Chorus) So I walked her home by the old church steeple, Proud of my country, proud of my people, Of the men who tried there, of the men who died there singing, This land is made for you and me. (Chorus) Then I climbed a mountain, saw the crystal fountain, And heard a great roar from the rocky sea shore, Her eyes were gleaming, she cried oho Daddy, This land was made for you and me...

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