City Are a Massive Club: MUFC Songs

The Massive club deserve a MASSIVE song! (Only one verse on the audio but the funniest, sorry about quality of the recording, please send in a better one!)


They've got the tallest floodlights in the Football League, They've got the tallest floodlights in the Football League, They've got the tallest floodlights in the Football League, Oh yes City are a massive club! Other verses include... They've got the widest pitch, in the land. They take 15,000 to every away. They've got 54 players but they're no f*cking good. They've got Curly Watts as a celebrity fan. They had the future England captain, but his cruciate went. They won the Shamrock Trophy in '92. They've got 3 stars on their new club badge. They take 30,000 to every away. They have a civic reception when they've won f*ck all. They had a continental lazer blue Kappa kit. They signed Spencer Prior on deadline day. They've got the tallest corner flags in the world. They had Ryan Giggs on schoolboy forms. They take 60,000 to every away. They've got a dirty old slapper with a rusty bell. They empty Stockport when they play at home. They've got the biggest bananas in the land. They had a derby match with Macclesfield. Their best ever player played for Ajax reserves. They took quarter of a million to Ewood Park. They tried to sign Geoff Thomas and he turned 'em down. They've got salt and pepper on their hot dog stands. They've got the greenest grass in the whole of the world. They had a chairman and a manager that wore a wig. They've got the Gallagher brothers in the Govenors. They've got three million fans in Manchester. They're the only team to come from Manchester. They bought Steve Daly for a million quid. They signed George Weah but he thought they played in red. They had Colin Bell who was better than Best. They sing racist chants cos they've got no class. At last count, there was over 2,000 verses...

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