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City of Hull Is Wonderful: HCAFC Songs

Hull City

Could be sang?


City Of Hull (City Of Hull), Is wonderful (is wonderful), City Of Hull is wonderful, Its full of t**s, f***y and City! City Of Hull is wonderful! Oh Merseyside (oh Merseyside), Is full of s**t (is full of s**t), Oh Merseyside is full of s**t, Its full of s**t, s**t and more s**t, Oh Merseyside is full of s**t. Oh Elland Road (oh Elland Road), Is full of sheep (is full of sheep), Oh Elland Road is full of sheep, Its full of sheep, sheep and more sheep, Oh Elland Road is full of SHEEP! Fraizer Campbell(Fraizer Campbell), Is a Tiger, (is a Tiger), Fraizer Campbell is a Tiger, He f***ed up Tottenham Hotspur, Fraizer Campbell is a Tiger OH Old Trafford (Old Trafford), Is Never Full (is Never Full), OH Old Trafford Is Never Full, Unless they play The Mighty tigers, OH Old Trafford is never full!

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